Seyed Mohammad Hussain Mahajer, 41, his wife Zahra, 34, and their two children Seyed Ali, 15, and Asna, 2, left the city of Mazar e Sharif in Afghanistan and after hardships in Iran and Turkey, managed to reach the island of Lesvos in Greece.

The family stayed at the Moria Reception and Identification centre and in Kara Tepe accommodation site before being settled in an apartment in Athens, rented by UNHCR partner SolidarityNow, where the family has been living for a year. Seyed is already attending school and speaks Greek and English.

As of July 2020, UNHCR in cooperation with the Greek Government, local authorities and NGOs has provided urban accommodation and cash assistance for 25,000 refugees and asylum-seekers in Greece through the EU-funded ESTIA programme.